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What people say about us

Review from Swiss student
Review from MacGerald Cueto
Review from landonacupuncture
Review from Nawal
Review from Rita Marafuz
Dear Juan,
My name is Kamal Ibrahim Mohsen Yassin, from Palestine. I am 58 years old.
Please accept my deepest gratitude for your generous and very helpful material in this session, and your wonderful effort.
Although I have studied this subject with many other teachers and I have read many books, with you it was different – practical and enjoyable, your style was wonderful.
I wish you all the best.
Review from Kamal Ibrahim Mohsen Yassin
Today was a very intense day of training on Yamamoto’s YNSA New Scalp Acupuncture. I feel immensely fortunate to be doing this training with Juan Hahn, who learned directly from Dr. Yamamoto, and because the training is done with such care and quality that we are truly absorbing an incredible amount of knowledge.
It has been such a pleasure to meet Juan thanks to his professionalism and compassion. So much love in everything he does, in every word, in every student! So much light in just one person!
I was especially happy that he shared one of my cases in class, what an honor for me.
Review from Vanessa Bentanachs
Thank you Juan. You are amazing. I really enjoyed your course.
Review from Jorgelina Menéndez
Review from Gabriela Mermeze
I have wanted to do a YNSA course for many years, but it was always difficult and inconvenient for me to travel far from home and my work, so I kept putting it off. When Juan Hahn announced that he would do an online course of Yamamoto’s New Scalp Acupuncture YNSA, I did not hesitate to sign up. He was a direct disciple of Yamamoto and has been teaching this technique for many years, which makes it so incredibly valuable. Now I have finished the course and am very happy with everything I have learned. The way the course is structured makes you gradually memorize the information without realizing it. I never felt lost or overwhelmed. I highly recommend your course for its practicality and online format.
Review from Rosana Llusá Labrador
Nurse and acupuncturist, 20 years
The course was phenomenal, thank you Juan for sharing your wisdom.
Review from Sandra Murillo
Hello Juan! I just finished the YNSA ONLINE Course, I think it is great. I was reviewing it over and over again, it really works. But I still need to practice neck and arm diagnosis.
I treated my grandfather, who lost much of his vision during the pandemic. It seems to be a macula problem. I performed YNSA and the next day he told me that he began to see better. This means a lot to me – there is improvement! I am happy to have learned YNSA from you, it has been a blessing.
Review from Aleph Paul Verástegui Zegarra
Proud to have taken one of the best courses of my life.
Many thanks to Dr. Natalia Salas for giving us this opportunity through the Yao Institute of Acupuncture and to Juan Hahn for sharing useful, exciting knowledge.
Yamamoto’s YNSA New Scalp Acupuncture was exciting.
It was well worth a weekend of intense training in Valencia last April.
Review from Alfredo Pujante
Hi Juan, I am finding the YNSA online course wonderful.
Please accept my best regards and my thanks.
Review from Carlos Hector Campoli
A highly recommended course…
very practical…
he teaches with quality and generosity…
good materials…
you can apply it right away…
immediate results…
post seminar support…
10 out of 10.
Review from Rosa Barreiro Vidal
I would like to emphasize how practical and pedagogical the course with Juan was, and how well-planned. We practiced everything we learned.
It was very creative and very visual, which helps to memorize concepts. I also liked how the content was covered in a day and a half. I thought it was a work of art. We also saw in the course all the content of his book, and we could always ask a lot of questions and practice.
The PowerPoint presentation was very useful. In addition, Juan created a WhatsApp group through which we felt very supported after the course. He is very easy to access and always shares advice.
I also would like to highlight that he taught us about acupuncture techniques that we did not know. There are so many small and big details. Everything was wonderful, but especially his teaching style: personal and methodological. He has designed the course to include theory and practice, always being available with a great sense of humor.
Juan encourages a job well done and for his students to feel good about their work. Some of my favorite reflections are: “when one teaches, two learn” and “everyone has to find their own way”. The YNSA course has been a quantum leap in my practice.
Review from Esther Benítez Aparicio
5 years of experience as an acupuncturist and reflexologist.
Social Worker
Nursing assistant
On March 7th and 8th I was at the Yáo Institute, in Valencia, with Juan Hahn learning YNSA (Yamamoto’s New Scalp Acupuncture). It was a pleasure to learn the system with a direct student of Dr. Yamamoto: Juan Hahn.
Juan is a big-hearted guy who loves to communicate and teach!
This week I have seen excellent results in several patients treating headaches, chronic knee pain and arthrosis, even skin problems.
Review from Roberto
It was a very interesting and fruitful course, and I encourage anyone who is interested to take it. You will not regret it! Very good techniques to treat patients with different pathologies and very effective so far.
Thank you once again Juan for your wisdom and good work.
Review from Juan Carlos
Review from Perrine
Review from Jeannie
Review from Ângelo Ribeiro
Review from Rita Luta
Review from Pedro Serra de Matos
I have been fortunate enough to spend the last two weekends learning a little more about YNSA Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture, thanks to the generosity, enthusiasm and passion of a great sensei, Juan Hahn. He is a magnificent disseminator of Dr. Yamamoto’s knowledge. We learned in a fun and “simple” way how to implement this technique. Only a great teacher can make something so complex so simple to understand and apply.
Thank you Juan Hahn.
Review from Azucena Gómez Alonso – Veterinarian
Hi, Juan. Thank you very much for sharing your enthusiasm for YNSA. I already feel very comfortable and proud practicing this system. I am confident and eager to continue using it.
You are fantastic teacher, I am very grateful.
Review from Victor Manuel Martínez Albentosa
Although I don´t usually like to study online, I took online course because of time and travel issues due to COVID. I was so pleasantly suprised. I enjoyed a well-designed course, easy to follow and with clear explanations of each concept. Juan Hahn teaches with generosity, enthusiasm and affection, you can really notice it in each video and in each word. He answers all your questions and makes everything easy to understand that arise. A good course and a good teacher.
Review from Alberto Cremades
Yamamoto’s YNSA New Scalp Acupuncutre.
Very surprised with the results!
Looking forward to diving deeper into this wonderful art!
Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion, Juan Hahn.
Review from Armando
Juan Hahn

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Thank you for the wonderful weekend, we enjoyed learning.

Thank you for giving us so much.

And thanks to the universe that our paths crossed!

Keep in touch.

Big hug….. Thank you!!!

Review from Heri Román García
An honor for me as an acupuncturist to participate in Yamamoto’s YNSA New Scalp Acupuncture course with the great master Juan Hahn.
Thank you very much.
Review from Elena Kennedy
For me, it has been gratifying. It opened the door for me learn from the best, to reach my goals and improve my work as a physiotherapist.
A million thanks for your work, my dear SENSEI!!!!
Review from Connie Largacha Viveros
Juan Hahn, thank you again for sharing your experience, your knowledge, your energy, your love for the profession…. And above all for having exceeded our expectations, which were already high, we have been left wanting more. Professionals like you make our work great. Thank you for helping us grow. Keep in touch!
Review from Desirée Ruiz Bergillos
Excellent online course and teaching methodology, congratulations. Thank you once again. I want to assure everyone that this Yamamoto YNSA New Scalp Acupuncture course is a practical, effective program with immediate results. I treated a patient with headache and cervicalgia after a stroke, and in three sessions the patient showed 100% improvement. Grateful to you and your teachings!
Review from Santos Davila Alcoser
Thank you Juan for everything!!! You are amazing!!
Review from Toñeta Pons
This weekend I completed the Yamamoto YNSA course with Juan Hahn. I have to tell you that I recommend it 100%, I think it will be a before and after in my career because it is a fantastic technique with incredible results.
I encourage you to try it. I know Juan has released a super online course for those who can not attend in person as well. I have personally verified that he is an excellent teacher- I am already applying the technique since yesterday and this has never happened to me before.
Thank you Juan. You are great !!!!
Review from Ana María
I am proud to study with people like you.
My name is Cosmin Alba, and I want to thank you for the great work you have done together with the great master TOSHIKATSU YAMAMOTO, to teach the wonderful technique of YNSA to those who are far away and can not attend the classes because of distance or travel restrictions. Thank you again for sharing all your wisdom in the videos for everyone to understand.
Review from Cosmin Alba
Hello, I want to share with you my experience with Yamamoto Acupuncture. I am Mar. I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of the subjects was Craniopuncture. The perception I had at that time was: “I’ll study it to pass and that’s it, I’ll get it out of the way”. All because it seemed to me very complicated in the locations, in the application, and also not very agile nor practical. So it became a technique/tool that I never really acquired in my toolbox. On numerous occasions, I heard about Yamamoto’s New Scalp Acupuncture, and I thought the same as I had about craniopuncture. But since I never fully understood it, I enrolled in a course, more or less 3 years ago… but ended up withdrawing because I continued with that bad taste in my mouth: “complicated, difficult, etc”… and the truth is that with those thoughts… I was feeling very lazy… Last year, I began to hear about Juan Hahn and his way of explaining and transmitting information about Yamamoto Acupuncture…!!!!. In other words, the opposite of what I had in my mind and in my memory. Soon after I received information about his courses, but I continued to resist…, until this year, I was again invited to his course and I thought, well, I will give this technique a chance with this teacher… and …. AND BOY, DID I GET IT RIGHT! Juan is a great teacher for several reasons: -He is very didactic. -He has mastered the subject so much that he is able to make you understand it and put it into practice the day after the course (only people who master something are able to acheive such specific and concrete synthesis). -He is tremendously generous with his knowledge and experience, which is very much appreciated. -Availability and post-course advice. I value this very much, because at the beginning, in consultation, you always have doubts due to lack of experience and confidence. He is always there to clarify any doubt or complication that arises in an encouraging, efficient way. As for the course, it is very, very easy and practical thanks to his guidance. You leave with everything you need to know to apply the technique, fully learned. The next day, without any problem, I was already using it in my office. I have been very lucky to be able to do the course with Juan. It is totally worth it. PS.- I wanted to make this testimony, because I am sure that there are many people who are like me… We associate (Yamamoto = difficult), but with Juan it is (Yamamoto = easy and practical).
Review from Mar
Hi, I am Nuño and I was Juan´s student in his YNSA course.
Juan is a great teacher and an even better person. He is always attentive and helpful to each of his students.
The course exceeded my expectations. From the very day it was finished, I was able to apply YNSA successfully.
Juan makes quite complicated contents tangible, so the course is accessible to everyone.
Review from Nuño
Essential course for any health professional. I took it a year and a half ago and I still use the technique every day. You will have at your disposal all of Juan’s knowledge and you will learn immediately in a very practical course.
Review from Joaquín
Good morning Master Juan Hahn.
I am infinitely grateful for your teachings. Along with my basic knowledge of acupuncture, I now feel prepared to be very helpful to others.
Now my own learnings begin in the real world. I thank you again infinitely for your wisdom and teachings. It is an impressive, clear and concise course.
From Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.
Review from Eric David Garza Romo
Juan, thank you very much for your help and above all for showing me this world. Although it seems incredible, I have been working in this sector for a long time, over 20 years, and this course has changed the way I work in just 4 days. Thank you so much!
Review from Jesús Manuel

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